Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 in review/Goals for 2011

3/14/10 - St. Patty's Day 5-K (cool, windy)
26:32 (8:34 mile pace)
228/596 total runners
2/9 in age group

3/21/10 -Shamrock Shuffle (Chicago)
45:15 (w/ knee injury)
8393/25559 total runners
2692/14043 females
21/203 in age group

3/28/10 - Ocean Drive Marathon, Cape May County, NJ
4:45 finish (knee very sore)

5/01/10 - Illinois Full Marathon, Champaign
Only completed 13 miles of race, accompanied friend to hospital

6/26/10 - Seattle Marathon, Seattle, WA
4:43 finish (hilly course and lots of concrete)
2306/4080 total runners
928/2019 females
11/59 in age group

7/03/10 - Sea to Shining Sea Bike Ride
28 mile ride from Canton to Pekin

7/04/10 - Park to Park 5 Mile
44:00 finish
264/576 total runners
72/246 females
1/7 in age group

7/06/10 - Sea to Shining Sea Bike Ride
65 miles from Bloomington to Champaign

7/11/10 - Missoula, MT Marathon
798 overall
303/582 females
9th in age group

7/18/10 - Biking with Beanzie, DeKalb, IL
50 mile ride

7/20/10 - Sea to Shining Sea Bike Ride
Ride through Washington D.C. to Arlington Cemetery

7/21/10 - Sea to Shining Sea Bike Ride
Washington D.C. to Fredricksburg
Very hilly, hot
60 miles

7/22/10 - Sea to Shining Sea Bike Ride
Fredricksburg to Richmond, VA
Still hilly & hot
65 miles

7/23/10 - Sea to Shining Sea Bike Ride
Richmond, VA to Yorktown
Approx. 60 miles

7/24/10 - Sea to Shining Sea Bike Ride
70 miles from Yorktown to Virginia Beach
105 actual temp, 113 heat index

8/21/10 - Mahomet 1/2 Marathon
2:04 (very hot & humid)
170/366 total runners
1st in age group

10/17/10 - Newport, RI Marathon
4:28 (breezy & hilly course)
642/1009 total runners
228/444 females
15/44 in age group

10/30/10 - Screaming Pumpkin Marathon
@ night through cemetery (very dark & hilly)

Goals/Races for 2011
1/08/11 - Jackson, Mississippi Marathon
1/23/11 - Elk Grove Village Indoor Sprint Triathlon
2/20/11 - Austin, Texas Marathon
4/02/11 - Lincoln 1/2 Marathon, Springfield
4/10/11 - Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 5 mile
4/30/11 - Illinois Marathon, Champaign, IL
5/15/11 - Wilmington, Delaware Marathon
6/04/11 - Tri-Shark Sprint Triathlon
6/19/11 - Cutting Edge 1/2 Classic, Effingham, IL
7/16/11 - Evergreen Lake Olympic Distance Triathlon
7/17/11 - Biking with Beanzie Ride
9/03/11 - Great Illini Challenge 1/2 Iron Distance Triathlon
10/??/11 - Portland, Maine Marathon (?)
10/15/11 - Hartford, CT Marathon (?)
10/??/11 - Marine Corps Marathon

Monday, August 16, 2010

Where have I been lately?

The picture above was taken in Washington D.C. I am pictured next to Ambassador Jerry Bremer (1st ambassador to Iraq) who was one of the S2SS riders.

June 26th - Seattle Marathon (hilly & last 17 miles were concrete).
4:43 finish time
2306/4080 total runners
928/2019 total females
11th/59 in age group

My time was certainly not stellar, but I had quite a few things on my t0-do-list post marathon. We hiked part of Mt. Ranier, drove the Whistler Village in British Columbia, where we went on a 5-zip line experience. The 4th zip line was 20 stories up in the air, 2000 ft long and 55 mph! Whee! Our stay in Whistler Village also included a couple of runs in the beautiful forested area of Whistler Mountain, sightings of bears, and wonderful food!

July 3rd - Rode from Canton to Pekin with the Sea to Shining Sea riders (disabled veterans riding from San Francisco beginning on May 22nd to Virginia Beach on July 24th). Check out the website for bios of these amazing veterans/athletes.

July 4th - Park to Park 5 mile race (very hot & humid)
44 minutes
264/576 total runners
72/246 total females
1/7 in age group

July 6th - Rode from Bloomington to Champaign (approx 65 mi) with S2SS riders.

July 11th - Missoula, Montana Marathon - very hilly marathon, hot day (90 in pm)
4:34 finish time
798/1301 total runners
303/582 females
9th in age group

July 18th - Biking with Beanzie Ride in DeKalb (very hot - mid 90's), 50 miles

July 20th - flew to Washington D.C. to join last 5 days of S2SS ride. Rode 20 miles through Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of Unknown Soldier

July 21st - 60 miles from D.C. to Fredricksburg, VA (very hot & hilly ride)

July 22nd - 70 miles from Fredricksburg to Richmond, VA (still hilly & getting hotter)

July 23rd - 70 miles from Richmond to Yorktown, VA (extreme heat/humidity - over 100)

July 24th - final 70-mile leg into Virginia Beach. Air temperature 105, heat index 113+

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Engage the Core

My husband gave me a "Bosu ball" (balance trainer) as a belated Valentine's gift. I had mentioned that I would like to have one, and he picked up on the hint.

Today I did my first complete Bosu workout. Not only was it a great workout, but I found a rather fascinating correlation between the Bosu ball and my coaching practice. Both focus on balance.

The instruction booklet includes this description, written by the inventor, David Weck:

"Achieving better physiological balance can act as a catalyst toward transforming your sense of balance into a state of mind as well. The only thing that is certain about life is change. Nothing is static - on the athletic field, in school, at home, or in the office, your ability to improvise and adjust to the ever changing set of given circumstances has an enormous impact on your degree of personal fulfillment."

So, I hopped on the Bosu ball to complete the 10 exercises. There was no option other than to be focused on the present moment.

Much of my work as a Life Coach focuses on compelling purpose - continually bringing my clients back to their core - what is most important, what is it that awakens them and allows them to live life full out? If your core is not engaged, life will not be as fulfilling. Engaging the core and maintaining balance are necessary to obtain your full potential.

So, what happens if you start to lose your balance while on the Bosu ball?

1) If you start to lose your balance, sometimes you can take a moment, focus, readjust, and get yourself centered again, staying on the ball.

2) Sometimes you aren't able to stay on the ball, but you are able to safely step off. This gives you an opportunity to step back on the ball again, with renewed focus and balance. (Or, you could choose not to get back on again, waiting for another day.)

3) The last possibility is that you completely lose your balance and fall off the ball.

Just like in life.

Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 Race Schedule

It's probably time to start thinking about my race schedule for 2010. Here is the tentative schedule:

Sunday, March 21st - Shamrock Shuffle (Chicago) 8-K
Sunday, March 28th - Ocean Drive Marathon (Cape May County, NJ)
Saturday, April 3rd - Lincoln Memorial 1/2 Marathon (Springfield, IL)
Saturday, May 1st - Illinois Marathon (Champaign, IL)
Saturday, May 8th - Indy Mini Half Marathon (Indianapolis, IN)
Saturday, June 12th - Viborg, SD Marathon or, Mattoon Olympic Distance Triathlon
Saturday, June 26th - Seattle Marathon (Seattle, WA)
Sunday, July 4th - Park to Park 5 Mile
Sunday, July 11th - Missoula, MT Marathon ??
Saturday, July 17th - Evergreen Olympic Distance Triathlon
Saturday, July 31st - Steelhead 1/2 Ironman Triathlon
Saturday, August 22nd - Pigman 1/2 Iron Distance Triathlon
Sunday, October 3nd - Portland, Maine Marathon
Sunday, November 14th - Outer Banks Marathon, Outer Banks, NC

Monday, January 4, 2010

2009 Race Reflections

Photo above taken 10/22/09 - Maddox just released from hospital with H1N1, I'm starting to get it when this photo was taken. How can such a sweet little baby boy, get me so sick?

January highlights:
1/10-1/11 Goofy Challenge - 1/2 marathon on Sat. (2:05), full marathon next day on Sun. (4:49)
Returned to pool workouts
Returned to indoor trainer rides
Returned to Yoga Wednesdays

February highlights:
First grandson Maddox arrived on Feb. 10th
Ran in lots of snow
Foot injury (tenosynovitis)
Continued pool workouts and trainer rides

March highlights:
Granddaughter Ella turned 3 on March 2nd
Training hard for Boston Marathon (ran hills in early morning in Downs)
Continued pool workouts, trainer rides, Yoga Wednesdays

April highlights:
4/04 Ran Springfield 1/2 marathon (2:00:42), 2nd place in age group, 128th out of 479 females
Granddaughter Nora arrived on April 6th
4/11 Ran Illinois 1/2 marathon in Champaign (2:01:03), 3rd in age group, 546 out of 2095 females
Granddaughter Madison's 4th birthday on April 15th
4/20 Ran the Boston Marathon (4:36) on 4/20

May highlights:
5/02 Ran Indy 1/2 marathon (1:58), 28th in age group (723), 2121 out of 15,890 total females
Outdoor bike rides resume
Outdoor swims resume

June highlights:
6/06 Tri-Shark Triathlon (Sprint distance), 3rd place in age group
First long outdoor ride (Interplanetary Ride) 60 miles
Hamstring injury while doing yard work

July highlights:
Hamstring injury took me out of the 4th of July Park to Park 5 mile race
70 mile outdoor ride, 105 mile ride (Biking with Beanzie), 80 mile ride (Tour de DeWitt)
Saw lots of corn on long bike rides

August highlights:
70 mile bike ride (Mendota Sweet Corn Festival Ride)
68 mile bike ride (Mahomet C-U Across the Prairie)
Madison (WI) Open Water Swim 1.2 miles, 3rd place in age group

September highlights:
9/11 Patriot's Run (Marathon) in Olathe, Kansas - in memory of 9/11, noon start, 90 degrees, 1st female overall
Ran with lots of aphids most of the month - yuk!
Training for St. George, Utah Marathon - lots of hill training

October highlights:
10/03 St. George, Utah Marathon (4:11), Boston qualifying time, 17th in age group (111)
Hiking in Zion National Park & Bryce Canyon
Trainer rides resume
Maddox in hospital with H1N1 on 10/19
I get H1N1 on 10/21 and spend the next 3 weeks sick

November highlights:
11/01 Ran the Manchester, NH Marathon while still sick, dropped out at the 1/2, walked back to hotel, decided to jump back in, finished 28.2 miles in 5:05. Felt terrible, but finished.
Ran Thanksgiving Day 3 mile Turkey Trot (1st in age group)
Began group indoor trainer rides, return to weight training, P90x, Yoga Wednesday

December highlights:
Lots of focus on weight training, group indoor trainer rides
Enjoying Christmas with grandchildren
Sledding with Ella & Madison

Marathons completed in 35 states. 65 total marathons. Goal date for completing marathons in all 50 states, plus DC - end of 2011.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

St. George Marathon Race Report

Finish time: 4:11:14 (Boston qualifying time)
Overall place: 2991/5636
Gender place: 1062/2473
Division place: 17/111

This was my second time running the St. George Marathon. The weather was certainly better this year. It was quite chilly at the start. My pre-race preparations did not go exactly as I would have liked. The porta-potty line we chose to stand in took almost 1/2 hour to move through. This allowed just barely enough time to run over to the gear check area, remove my warm-up clothes, and get in the start corral. I prefer to have a calmer pre-race experience.

I decided to run with the 4:15 hour pace group, led by Jodi (male runner who had paced the same group last year). I did make some changes in my race strategy. Last year I pulled ahead of the group on the big hill (Veyo Canyon). This year because of my hamstring injury which had been bothering me since July, I decided to take it easier on the uphills. I knew that running uphill might strain my hamstring, so I wanted to run smart.

When I reached Mile 16, I remembered how miserable I was at that point in last year's race. Due to the cold, wind and rain, I was almost hypothermic at that point and my race goal was definitely in jeopardy. This year, although my training was not as solid, I knew that I was feeling better than last year. I decided to stick with the pace group until Mile 20 and then pull ahead if I was feeling good.

I did exactly that. Although my quads were feeling the effects of the downhills, I knew I could run that last 6 miles hard. I knew I had plenty of cushion to make the Boston qualifying time, so I just focused on how many people I could pass in those remaining miles. No one passed me during the last 6 miles of the race.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Biking & Babies

In between long bike rides and other Ironman related training, I've also been spending time with my four grandchildren. The picture above is of Ella (age 3) and Nora (age 4 months). During my last two organized bike tours I got lost due to poor road markings and maps. When I'm with my grandchildren, I'm never lost. I know exactly where I am and it's always exactly where I want to be. They are truly a delight! Ella can certainly pedal her Big Wheel at a furious pace. I think she might be able to out ride me in a few years. I look forward to bike adventures with all of my grandchildren.

Here are the details of my most recent rides - The Tour DeWitt (Clinton, IL) and Mendota Sweet Corn Festival Ride (Mendota, IL). I certainly am seeing a lot of the rural countryside of Illinois. Illinois has a lot of corn and beans!

The Tour DeWitt ride (July 25th) had a few logistical problems. The course map was very small and had no road names or numbers on it. Eventually after noticing we were circling back around Clinton Lake rather than heading in the proper direction, we realized we were off the course. The map was so poor there was really no way to figure out how to get back on course. So, we called the sag wagon number provided on the map. Within about 10 minutes, one of the ride organizers arrived to transport us back to where we got off course. He apologized for the delay in getting to us - first he had to pick up another lost rider and then he had to go mark the turn which had not been marked properly. After we began riding again, we quickly noticed all the road markings had been redone. Now instead of the little tiny arrows in dark green (very difficult to see on the dark pavement), the new markings were much larger and in neon green.

The day was still long due to a very stiff headwind on the entire ride back. In addition, the rest stops had no Gatorade, only Country Time Lemonade. This might sound refreshing to a spectator, but for runners or cyclists, Gatorade is a necessity especially in heat and humidity. There were no sources of salt at the rest stops - no pretzels, no trail mix, etc. Luckily I did have some Endurolyte tablets and those helped save the day. One of our fellow cyclists suggested black arrows for next year's ride to give the cyclists a great challenge.

The post-ride lunch was pretty good and the free massage was wonderful! At the end of the day I had ridden 80 miles with a lot of it into strong winds.

The next organized ride was the Mendota Sweet Corn Festival Ride (August 8th). The ride started at the Mendota Community Hospital and offered three different routes, each circling back to the hospital for access to additional fluids and food. The ride organizers suggested doing the 42 mile loop first because it was the hilliest and the return was into a headwind most of the time. As we started riding, the course appeared to be very well marked, with large arrows well in advance of the turns, arrows right at the corners and a template marking with ears of corn marking the turns as well. After about 5-6 miles of riding we were comfortable enough with the course markings that we stopped referring to our maps. That turned out to be a mistake when we eventually bumped into roads without any markings at all. After referring to our maps, we realized that we were again lost and off course. This time, however, because the maps were good we were able to get ourselves back on course and finish the loop within a 1/2 mile of the 42 mile distance. Getting back on course did involve riding about 4 miles on a fairly busy rural highway and a brush with a large semi truck who came far too close for comfort. Due to the windy conditions, our bikes were really buffeted as he came flying by us at a speed well over the speed limit. And no, he certainly did not give us the 3-feet as required by law now in Illinois.

My riding partner decided 42 miles was enough. The weather conditions were extraordinarily challenging. The temperatures were expected to be in the mid-90's with a heat index of over 100, a strong winds. We were already feeling the effects of the heat, humidity, hills and strong wind. I decided to go out for another loop, choosing the 25-mile loop option.

My partner graciously offered to wait for me until I returned. As she waited, she noticed the sky getting darker. Yes, I did encounter rain, but no thunder or lightning, so it was ok. Then she noticed an ambulance pull into the hospital with a husband and wife cyclist. They had been on the 25-mile loop, and encountered an aggressive dog. Apparently the wife ran into her husband as he tried to come up with a strategy for dealing with the dog. Both riders and the dog were involved in the crash. The dog fared better than the two riders, as it trotted off. Two more cyclists came back in from the 25-mile loop with reports of encountering this dog. Needless to say, my riding partner was quite concerned.

I returned safely. I never did see the dog. At the end of this 25 mile loop (with a add on of 3 miles) I finished the day with 70 miles in very challenging conditions. It was enough to call it a day. I also knew that the next morning's schedule called for an 11-mile run, a swim, and my favorite activity of more time with grandchildren.